What we offer - Eprojetech SRL


EPROJETECH offers turnkey products and solutions in Barcode, biometric and RFID technology, combining also with geo.localization systems and tools, for:

  • Product autentication
  • Attendance and access control
  • Production control
  • Inventary and goods management
  • Goods, peoples and animals monitoring
  • Logistic
  • Security
  • Free time

EPROJETECH also offers services for business support, related to the adoption of innovative products and systems that it proposes. In particular EPROJETECH realizes analisys of process e prodotti dei propri clienti, promoting optimizations or functional improvements that will increase the efficiency of business customers, increase the competitive edge of their products and, ultimately, strengthen their business. EPROJETECH, thanks to the decade  experience of its staff, in national and international projects, is able to drive its customers/partners in the creation and optimization of the value chain with ICT solutions:

  • evaluation of the current value chain and analysis of the pockets of inefficiency ;
  • execution of an audit for the identification of technological needs;
  • analysis of the impact of new technologies on the structure;
  • presentation of a project for the supply of services and solutions identified;
  • implementation and integration of change processes with ICT solutions .