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SMARTFINDER is a new web platform able to combine an efficency antitheft service with a light tracking of goods or peoples. This SMART platform distinguesh for a very competitive costto and infinity work areas. The advanced web architecture allows the use and the control from desktop interfaces in Windows, LINUX, MAC environments and from mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets in order to permit a dynamic and moderne management of all functionality.

Possible work areas

  • Vehicles and motos, trucks and trailers, opertating machines, agricultural machines, compressors, generators, building cranes, oil mills, pumps, caissons and presses, rent tools, senior citiziens, Alzheimer sufferers, childrens

Main functionality

  • Remote configuration, shows last valid GPS position, shows positions and routes, Web-App management, «Go to» device function, vocal calls alarms, SMS, E-mails, Geo-fence alarm, loww battery alarm, moving alarm


  • Extreme competitive cost, long life autonomy, reliable anti theft , enable to retrive easily the vehicle, pre-setted and ready to use, extremely simple use


  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Control
  • Tracking
  • Economy