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Smart assets management

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SAM Smart Asset Management is the integrated solutions of EPROJETECH for

  • identify
  • inventory
  • locate
  • monitoring
  • manage in mobility

the resources and the activity of management, reparation and revision (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, MRO) of products and complex systems distributed on the territory and on with a long life.

SAM use seals (with traditional numeration, barcode, and the most advanced in NFC technology) and reading mobile devices based on Android and equipped with very simple App, specially developed by EPROJETECH. The service is supported of a tracking web platform for all back office and reporting activities to optimize the everyday work of all operators instructed to inventory, manage, verify and special intervention.

SAM in particular is addresses at distributions services society (for example energy distribution or water distribution and treatment), giving them a service – easy and economic – that includes goods security, identification and manumission prevention through the seal with smart and easy access at the informations gets from the field, making easy the informations from the central system to the operators and from these to the central system.

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