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Logistics processes – and in general integrated logistic along the supply chain of products – can get a big advantage from the action of RFID type authomatic tecniques, passive or active, thanks to the possibility that offers of acquiring in real time and in complete reliability (in that there are not eventually errors of operators) informations of products, their location and their status.
The control of incoming and exit goods in the business areas (storage; production, quality control, etc.), from the material of the final product, are completely monitoring in real time and the integrated information in the management allows to activete advanced processes of optimization and control. Furthermore, from the moment in that RFID allows a complete map of the storages (indoor and outdoor), all the operations of serach and control are benefiting, with a reduction of time. Similarly the operations of inventary increase in efficency, with a reduction of execution time about 90%.
EPROJETECH is able to offers the complete RFID solutions, from teh label to the item-level tagging or at the pallet relevation, to the fixed readers or tunnel, to the mobile terminal for specific control made by operators. the solution is complete with special devices of identification proposed for ensure the tracking and the security of the goods durring the transport.