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RFID Applications

RFID is the acronym of Radio Frequency IDentification and indicate in general an automatic identification tecnique based on the use of the radio frequanecy and that not needs of phsical contact or sight between the element you want to identify and the reading device used for this operation.
Better way to explain the RFID is to imagine a label able to send/modify via radio the informations stored in it, using for this purpouse the apposite devices.

The RFID can be used in every application that needs authomatic identification, in particular logistic and retail sectors, manifacturing, health, entertainment, security.

The RFID is a technology that can give an important contribution for:

  • Authomatization inventory and tracking of assets in health, production sectors, wholesale and retail;
  • Identify the origin of the products, improving eventuals operations of defective or dangerous items, such as contaminated foods, defective toys, expired medicines;
  • Discourage goods falsifications;
  • Improve the buy experience of the users, improving the access at specific informations about the product;
  • Provide visibility and real time access at informations into the supply chain, obtaining an efficent distribution channel, resulting in reduced buisiness costs;
  • Decrease the costs caused by theft or loss of goods not properly tracked;
  • Improve the  citiziens security, for example allowing the realization of access control systems.

Whatever is the application, RFID has the potential for improve the reliable of operations, improve the visibility of the assets and the tracking, decrease the dependence of manual process, decrease operative costs and give useful data for the business analytics.