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Passive RFID

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification, is a simple technique of identification that is included into the more extensive area of AIDC technologies – Automatic Identification and Data Capture. RFID use the energy associated to radio frequency (inductive matching or radio waves) for communicate information about identity of items, animals or people.

An RFID identification system is composed by four base elements:

  • Tag
  • Antenna
  • Reader
  • Host Computer

The tag is a device realized by an electronic circuit and a integrated antenna, that can be devoid of power supply, and supplied only via the energy of the field beamed by the reader’s antenna (Passive RFID), or supplied by a source, like a battery (active RFID). The tag offers, in addition to an identification code, the capacity of transfer own data to the reader’s antenna. The tag can be read only, or read/write, possibly feature with an addittional users memory.

The reader communicate with the tag via theantenna and:
• translate the radio data in digital information;
• give power supply to the tag;
• gets commands by a software application.

The computer host control the reading and the writing of the tags by the reader and: 
• store and analize the data;
• link trasmission/receive parts to an application, for example an ERP like management.

The RFID has a great potentiality for improve user’s life and revolutionize the way in which society make business, because is one of the most flexible technique of automatic identification: it can be used for tracking, monitoring – without human action  – the world.

The RFID can give information about what an item is and identify it in unique way, can give information about its own status: for these reasons RFID is seen as an essential technology in the Internet of Things – a network globally interconnected that allow phisic world to become a large information system, able to automatically sense what is happening, share data and give feedback.

The use of passive RFID is increasing very quickly with the speed of “tag” everything with  low price communication chip, easily readable by several kind of readers (portable terminal, USB key, fixed reader, tunnel, etc…).

The range of application of this technology is infinite and it goes from supply chain management to good tracking and products authentication. The applications are limited only by user’s imagination.

EPROJETECH offers a large gamma of RFID products and solutions, both tag that antenna and reader, up to completly integrated HW/SW system, developed on customer’s project.