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GPS Applications

The GPS technology is an essential element of global information infrastructure. The reliable nature of GPS has led to teh development of hundreds applications of every aspect of the moderne life. GPS technology is today integrated in a big variety of devices,from smartphones to watches, from containers to debit cards. The GPS improve the productivity in various economic activities, including agricolture, construction, extraction, relevation, goods delivery, logistic and the manage of the supply chain. The biggest communication net, the bank systems, financial markets and electric distribution nets, dependig all strongly to GPS for the syncronization of the exact time. Some wireless services cannot operate without it. GPS devices are indespensable into saving lifes, preventing accidents, helping rescue and recovery, and accellerating the emercgency services in case of catastrophe. GPS technology can be used also in scyentific purpouses like wheater previsions, earthquakes monitoring, and environments protection.