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Last generation GSM/GPS/GPRS tracker, implements several new functionality that allow the use  in many applications for the control, the security and the tracking of every kind of vehicle. Very compact, with integrated GSM and GPS antennas.

EPR 2000VT-T1 3G

epr 200vt 3g

An advanced vehicular tracker, with new functionality. developed for the use with fleets and public transports.

EPR FM 1110

EPR FM 1110

EPR FM1110 is a compact tracker equipped with GPS/GLONASS and GSM modules, suitable for several applications, such as fleets management, car sharing, taxies, public transports, etc.

EPR 2000VT


GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker conceived and distributed for the vehicle’s security and control of the route in real time. Equipped with superior GPS and GPRS modules, has a good sensivity and performances. Can report exact informations via GPS also in remote areas.

 EPR 3000VT

epr 300vt

In additions to some new functions soch as “tow alarm”, “impact alarm”, phone conversation, tracking distance interval, etc.. is equipped with new innovative accessories such the RFID reader and the web cam for shooting pictures that can be strored and send to the server.

EPR 2000VT-T1


GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker for the tracking. with GPS-GSM modules at high reliability, implements several new functions; it’s equipped with innovative tools such as RFID reader, handphone and a web cam for shooting pictures that can be stored and send via GPRS.

  EPR 4000 OBD

epr 4000

Vehicular tracker with OBD II (On Board Diagnostic II) functions,suchh as position, tracking, vehicle management and malfunctions diagnosis. Equipped with plug OBD II standard plug, cab be easily installed onto vehicles. Very suitable for private vehicles.