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Whatever the requirements of identification and traceability present in industrial context , EPROJETECH is able to offer products and complete integrated systems that automate and make more efficient and safe production and logistics processes of companies .

Whether it is identification with bar codes with biometric readings or readings with automatic identification technologies in RFID radio frequency , EPROJETECH offers a wide range of read / write units and stationary systems and accompanying consumables , so that we can meet any technical and functional requirements , optimizing the business community’s economic resources .


We need to identify, monitoring and track a good or a person are cross to a wide range of applications in virtually all industrial and commercial sectors , whether it be to optimize production and logistics flows , rather than to offer new services information or new merchandising tools and management and customer loyalty for each type of commercial facility , recreational or cultural .

EPROJETECH has a decade of experience in providing access and monitoring goods and people control solutions , to improve the products and processes indstriali , the delivery and management of services and enrich the experiences of consumers and end users .


For every identification necessity, from traditional barcode label to advanced security system based on biometric tecqnique, active RFID and satellite technology, EPROJETECH technical staff, with pluriannual experience in  integrated hardware and software solutions for industry and services, is at customer’s side for identify the best solution for specific tecnical and economic request.


Monitoring the movements of goods and people through the EPROJETECH solutions will be easy to implement a function in the most varied processes , through a combination of technical experience and expertise that our team will be able to offer the customer . Whether it is to check production or intra logistics flows , whether you should optimize efficiency and safety in the supply chain transport , eProjects is at your side in to tailor the solution more cost effective.



Answer any localization requirements of a good or a person through products and advanced electronic solutions : and ‘ the challenge that the EPROJETECH team faces daily to offer its customers – private or public , the products or service companies – systems able to meet application requirements and technical- functional extremely different . ‘Cause every customer Eprojetech and ‘ ‘unique’.



EPROJETECH staff engineers with decades of experience in AIDC solutions , and ‘ available to customers to evaluate and implement product customizations or system , where the customer’s needs are not satisfactorily met by the proposed solutions . With full control over those who are the key product identification and traceability ‘ offered by EPROJETECH , the technical team can’ intervene to modify hardware , sign and software , thus satisfying ‘ specific customer requirements .


Being able to offer the market more products ‘ performance for identification and communication data to automatically locate and track assets and people is not ‘ guarantee to provide best solution for the customer .


That’s why EPROJETECH provides its expertise to end customers , but also to system integrators and resellers , to facilitate the definition and implementation of the ” good ” system to the end customer .

With capacity to intervene in the internal hardware design , the sign and the device software applications and systems that offer, as well as on mechanical parts due to the direct interaction with the productive facilities of LEGHORN group of belonging, EPROJETECH provides a high value added in the process of hardware / software integration for the realization of complete systems , also keys in hand .


The strength of the company and ‘ in the qualified service , continuous and effective this and ‘ able to offer its customers . Pre -sales from assistance to aid in the identification of the product or more ‘ suitable to sodddisfare solution its needs technical and economic ‘ , the feasibility ‘ studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the adoption of new technologies and their impact on existing business processes , the technical staff training , support during installation and commissioning of new systems , until widespread after-sales service that relies on a European-wide network .


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