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Biometry – Access Control

EPROJETECH biometrics recognize products and solutions uses the digital fingerprint recognition or face recognition, to grant a very secure identification in access control and presence monitoring system.

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VP30 biometry reader

VF30 fingerprint reader (also avaible in VP30 version with integrated RFID technology for proximity reading) is an access control system and presence monitoring extremely professional, developed for small and medium business security needs.


biometry face pass

FacePass is a very innovative facial identification. The new algorithm BioNANO used by ANVIZ and the powerful hardware platform, grant an identification reliable response with a speed lower tha second. The advanced source of the used infrared light, allows the terminal to works very well in condition of low light and even in the dark.


t5 biometry reader

T5 Pro is a reader that fully integrates fingerprint decodify and RFID technology.
The very compact design make this item particulary suitable for the direct installation in the structure of the door. T5 Pro has a standard Wiegand output for the direct connection to access controllers.


BT50 biometry reader

iTouc T50 is a new generation device in the filed of fingerprint reader for the access control and the presence detection.
With a 300MHz core DSPTI, the device grant excellent performance and rapid response.


OC500 biometry reader

OC500 is an access control and presence device based on card reading; Is a standard USB items( USB Host), avaible also with RS232 or Ethernet interface. Main caratheristic: dry contact, Wiegand input/output, 6 digit code, 15 groups users, 32 time slots, 30 schedulers and 50 short messages.