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The EPROJETECH offer for barcode products and solutions aim to content the customer’s needsi that want use this technology with very simple use devices and low price, without compromising  reliability and efficency of the reading.

So EPROJETECH barcode scanner include handheld devices able to read the most common 1D/2D codes formats – with wired o wireless via Bluetooth communication, and able to communicate with all main OS, from Windows to Android, to IOs.

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barcode reader BT20

EPR BT20 use patent red LED light 1D scanning barcode solutions. Uses a CCD 630 nm technology and an image recognition intelligent system. The integrated high performance CPU and the decodify board give to the product high decoding and high reading precision performance, jointly with an high interference rejection


barcode reader PM80

EPR PM80 is a pda with Android 5.X Lollipop OS, strenght and compact, able to works in industrial environments (IP67 protection) and grant high performances. The touch screen and 4 hard keys (Home , Menu, Back and Programmable) are user friendly that combined with several optionals such as double cameras, accelleration and light sensor, GPS, 1D/2D reader, RFID NFC reader, WI-FI, and more, make PM80 the ideal instrument for work.


barcode reader ct10

CT10 is a barcode scanner able to communicate with all smart phones and tablets with the mainly OS IOs and Android, but also with PCs, smart phones e tablets based od Windows OS (Windows XP/Win 7.0/ WinCE/Mobile). It supports also wired interfaces via USB2.0. When it’s connected via USB cable ,works exactly  like the traditional barcode scanners.


barcode reader PM60

EPR PM60 is the new rugged pda Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional, able to grant high performances with a last generation hardware and a low cost. Thanks to its light weight and dimension, is ideal for several on field applications, where high data transfer, data reading and strenght are requested. CORTEX A8 1Ghz Texas Instrument microprocessor, 5 Megapixel auto focus camera, GPS, 1D laser scanner, 2D imager scanner, IP65 protection are only some of PM60 features.