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AIDC is the acronimum of Automatic Identification and Data Capture, with which it indicates the broad category of techniques used for the identification and capture data automatically. In particular, the AIDC techniques are used to gather information from an individual, an object, an image or a sound without manual data entry.

AIDC systems are used for common computer functions, such as inventory management or documentation and traceability of deliveries or other type of activity, but also the implementation of safety functions. Among the countless areas of industry and commerce that use AIDC systems have included the organized retail, manufacturing, transportation, retail, healthcare and public administration.

Among the currently AIDC technologies more widely available are:

  • Barcode reader, one-dimensional or 2D
  • Magnetic stripe reading.
  • Smartcard reading
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Biometric systems, cattraverso which identify individuals by comparing the biological information acquired by them – such as fingerprints, voice characteristics, iris pattern – to a database on data subjects to identify, verify or draw.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) that, unlike all the other previously mentioned techniques, does not require direct contact or line scan of view with the element that encodes the information to be acquired.