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Active RFID

If on one side the automatic RFID identification techniques based on passive tags (without own supply) are simples and economics, RFID solutions based on semi-passive tags (or battery-assisted), in which a little battery is used for amplify the signal to the reader,  or completely active solutionst that used large batteries and integrates a real time clock, enable to improve the system’s performance and in particular to improve the range of transmission. Furthermore, active tags allow to:


  • actiovate on command received by the reader or trnsmit at prefixed time intervals;
  • memorize events log in a memory, larger then that avaible in passive tags;
  • connect to sensors and devices in GPS technology for implements monitoring, localization and real time tracking solutions;

The more features involve an higher price than passive RFID tags and are used (and reused) for goods that allow a rapid recovery of the initial investmnent.

EPROJETECH offers a complete range of readers and tags (possibly equipped also with integrated sensor), able to satisfy every necessity in commercial, industrial and personal purpose fields.